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    Get Ahead of Your Competition with This Facebook Content Plan

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    It’s tricky to dominate the Facebook game for your business. The real trick is finding ways to stay in the minds of your audience. Anyone can grab the attention of prospective clients for a post or two, but maximizing your reach on social media means a content marketing plan fit for the long term. 

    The best way to get started with a plan that puts you ahead of your competition is to perform a competitive content marketing analysis. You can learn a lot by taking inventory of your business profile and the competition’s content. Here’s the best way to get started and finally get ahead of your competition on Facebook. With these 2021 content marketing tips in mind, you can 

    Best Tips for Content Marketing Analysis on Facebook in 2021

    There are a few ways to approach figuring out your standing on Facebook. First and foremost, the most insightful way to start your content marketing analysis is by checking out the competition. As you visit the Facebook pages of your competitors, check for these vital elements to a strong business page:

    • Read their blogs and long-form posts. What are they talking about the most? 

    • How do they interact with their audience? Do they keep things informative or a bit more conversational? 

    •  What sort of images do they utilize in their posts? Are they utilizing video?


    Many businesses in 2021 are turning to a Facebook advertising agency to maximize their potential. This resource is vital to getting a good start on a targeted social media campaign, but knowing more about your audience helps a lot. Tally up what sort of content they’re using and keep a note of what posts get the best feedback from their followers. Next, you can start to pinpoint what posts fit your industry as well as what trends on Facebook are most effective in 2021.

    What Types of Posts are Making the Biggest Splash in 2021?

    At the latest count across Facebook, there are nearly 2.8 billion users on the platform. They’re not all going to be your target audience, but that does show the growing influence of this platform. With a good idea of what your competition is doing on Facebook, you can begin to target the best types of posts for businesses in 2021.


    Firstly, Facebook Live and video continue to be one of the strongest forms of content you can post to your site. Live videos give you the luxury of talking in real-time with your followers, which can be helpful in terms of answering questions. Videos in general are good too. These are eye-catching and informative ways to highlight what you have to offer. 

    Your Facebook posts have a huge impact on your audience if you utilize your platform correctly. Nearly ⅔ of users turn to Facebook for news and insights into what businesses to utilize. With user intention well documented, you can make the most of this social media leader with a targeted content plan. By taking time to analyze the competition, you can get ahead and stay ahead in 2021 and beyond.



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