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    10 Easy Ways Developers Can Promote Their Apps for Free

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    Every App developer would love to see his/her dream app attract a large traffic of downloads which will boost the app`s image in the market and make it best-selling app. But the challenge is with the way to promote the app and make it popular among all audience. Therefore, if you have been wondering on how you can promote your app, here are 10 easy ways developers can promote their apps for free.

    1.Make use of social media platforms

    Social media has proved to be one of the best apps promotion for free platforms since it gives you the best arena to increase your app awareness and also capture every detail of your app that will draw in the right prospective customers for your app. Furthermore, by utilizing the social media platform, you will be able to regularly get in touch with all app users and be able to answer all questions or any complaints from users.

    2.Maintain loyal users

    It is always right and just to reward all you loyal users with some additional benefits. Therefore, you can use your app to send push notifications to all your users offering them a number of benefits. Depending on the purpose of your app, the benefits could range from giving the audience discounts on a service or product or even additional lives on a game.

    3.Utilize your own mobile app site

    You can effectively promote your app by adding a banner to your mobile site incorporating and advertisement for your app alongside a button that will give the direction on how to download it. Furthermore, you will be able to use this site to retrieve vital information about all users and be able to improve your app to serve their needs.

    4.Press release

    You can choose to draft a press release with a number of screenshots, your special app`s brief story and a link that can be used to download your app. Furthermore, you can send emails to many blog owners and offer convincing stories and app specifications to your press targets.

    5.Offer your app for free when launching it

    When launching your app, it is advisable to offer it for free. Though it is a necessity to price your app, you can choose to offer the free download as a launch promotion. By doing so, be sure to get large traffic to download your app and help you promote it.

    6.Come up with a demo movie

    Try to create a video that will capture the attention of prospective customers and one that clearly delivers the exact message concerning the app. Develop a video that is interesting and informative so that all audience can be able to relate to it.

    7.SEO marketing

    Identify that best-targeted keyword that you intend to rank for. Also, try to analyze the keyword that your app is currently ranking on and take you time to build great links that will boost your app rankings effectively.

    8.Alternative app stores

    There are a large number of app stores in the online market where you can choose to upload your app and get it downloaded. Often, even the relatively less popular online platforms can increase your app downloads as compared to more famous ones.


    When used correctly, emails can help a great deal in promoting your app. You can use your email to incorporate your app links into banners and newsletters or even make use of email signatures to promote your app.

    10.Speaking opportunities

    Try to research events that deal with the topic that your app addresses and request to be given a chance to make an appearance and deliver some details concerning your app. This will be an opportunity for you to boost your awareness.



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