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    Top 10 Best Most Wanted WordPress Themes 2015

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    Everyone wants to start their own blog, but with thousands of Wordpress themes to choose from, it can be completely overwhelming and stop your blogging career dead before it even starts. Read on for our picks of the 10 most wanted WordPress themes.

    1. Kalium – This theme appears on numerous “best of” lists for its streamlined look and accessibility. Your website can be built by simply dragging and dropping. Kalium would be great for blogs and portfolios.

    2. Bridge – If you're serious about a professional online presence, Bridge is an excellent paid theme to consider. It has been optimized for SEO by incorporating CCS3, jQuery coding and W3C validated HTML5. If you didn't understand any of that technobabble, it means that larger amounts of traffic will be diverted to your site.

    3. Spacious – Spacious lives up to its name. It is a beautiful, clean layout with a look that suits blogs, businesses and online shops. This versatile theme comes at an unbelievable price tag of free.

    4. Salient – This has been a bestseller for a few years now. No matter what you want to create, Salient has a specific demo to help you get started. This highly-interactive theme's “wow factor” is the video background. This will set your site apart from all the others with an impressive and professional look.

    5. Zerif Lite – Clean and modern, Zerif Lite is best suited for businesses and photography-related ventures. Best of all, this media-rich layout looks amazing whether it's on your 18 inch PC or 4 inch smartphone.

    6. Storefront – If you've got something to sell, chances are you're choosing Storefront. This theme works in harmony with popular plugin WooCommerce (as it should, since it's the same team who also developed the Storefront theme!). No loss of time or sales here – conflicts between your plugin and theme are over.

    7. Sparkling – This theme is clean but never boring! Its framework enhances the viewing of your site on tablets and smartphones. We recommend using this for your website focusing on travel, health & fitness, web design or marketing.

    8. PowerMag – Bolder and edgier than the other entries, PowerMag is for you if you're thinking of creating a review website. Each post will get ample time in the spotlight with feature highlights, social buttons and a spot for your review score.

    9. PhotoMe – As the name suggests, this is the layout for photographers. Its full-screen setup will showcase your best photos with breathtaking clarity. If you want to sell your photos, PhotoMe is also compatible with WooCommerce.

    10. Twenty Fifteen – You want to stay current, so why not use a theme that's named as current as possible? Twenty Fifteen is a no-brainer, for both you and your readers. Content is straightforward and extremely readable. If you're thinking about a simple personal blog, this one is for you.



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