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    Your company will now experience complete flexibility in adapting to dynamic business needs quickly, easily and cost-effectively with Unitile - a leading brand for raised access floor systems
    Idris Rojkotwale, Executive Director, United Office Systems Pvt Ltd

    The business landscape has undergone a major transformation, and your workspace needs to keep up with the fast-paced working environment of today - maximising both individual comfort and worker efficiency while minimising costs.

    Today's office design is all about being agile. Employees thrive in companies that foster creativity and embrace modern ethos. As workspaces are rapidly changing, your space should evolve as well.

    Office design is changing for the better, and we help you to connect your workplace with your organisational objectives by establishing the foundation of flexibility and efficiency.

    Raised access flooring system provides the architectural substratum for modern offices by transforming its aesthetics, flexibility, and cost- effectiveness.

    Creating ideal working environment

    An office environment in any commercial building should always foster productivity, excellence, and camaraderie. With this in mind, business owners and managers must pay close attention to office design

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    dynamics such as noise level, sound privacy, ease of interaction, the comfort of furnishing, technological changes and maintenance of high-quality. Achieving this, while maintaining and supporting the aesthetic value of the building and cost-effectiveness seems challenging. Unitile's raised access floor solution gives you the ability to address all of the factors to nurturing your office space.

    The rewarding benefits of quick installation With Unitile raised access flooring systems, you

    have a tremendous advantage of faster occupation of the facility, resulting in substantial savings on skyrocketing rents. Eliminating screeding works and being a completely dry construction, the access floor installation is carried out in tandem with other essential services making your facility fully functional in minimal time. The speedy occupation drastically cuts down project time schedules and reduces rents payable. It provides a ready-to-occupy workspace much faster, and is therefore a smart solution and a wise investment.

    Ease of access

    Unitile Access Floor Systems delivers technology in the most cost-effective, flexible and sustainable way we know of, namely, through a plenum under a raised access floor. By moving voice and data cabling, electrical power, and air distribution under your floor, they help turn the facility into an enabler of corporate change, rather than a constraint. Unitile delivers value by giving workplaces and the organisations they support the power to transform themselves in minimal time and at minimal cost.

    Being future-proof

    Business growth and changes may impact your office space. The workplace needs to reflect this change and support new ways of working. If your building's employee workspace is evolving from booths and private offices to open plan workspaces and hot desking or the executive boardroom needs an update to a more modern design, Unitile access floor overcomes all these problems by providing a platform to handle current and future growth without disrupting ongoing office personnel and services.

    Operational cost savings

    Space churn cuts costs by at least half. The access floor technology makes the system highly adaptive and accessible, ensuring that changes can be incorporated with in-house personnel easily. An added advantage to the user is that an access floor can be covered as a personal tangible property, therefore they qualify for accelerated depreciation tax benefits.



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