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    How to install WordPress on 000WebHost with free web hosting?

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    1. Download latest WordPress here

    2. Login to your 000WebHost account or register here if you not yet registered

    3. Go to your control panel and choose FTP File Manager then login

    4. For free webhosting, the maximum allowed to upload per file is 5MB. Unzip the zip file you have downloaded from WordPress. To upload it with small size, separate the unzipped file into 4 parts. Take out the first 3 folder inside wordpress folder. Rename ‘wordpress’ to ‘public_html’ and add to archive to compress it. I using WinRar and compress it using zip archive format. Also compress the 3 folder that you have taken out to zip file.

    5. Now you will have four zip files which are public_html.zip, wp_admin.zip, wp_content.zip and wp_includes.zip

    6. Before uploading file, rename your default public_html folder to ‘public_html_old’. You can delete it if no content inside.

    7. Using your FTP file transfer manager, upload public_html.zip to the root file. Same level with the old public_html folder

    8. After that, upload wp_admin.zip, wp_content.zip and wp_includes.zip into the new public_html folder

    9. Rename file ‘wp_config_sample.php’ to ‘wp_config.php’ and edit that file as shown below

    host server – Go to your account details , under Website Details you will see server name and that is your database server name

    database name and user – Go to your phpMyAdmin and use the provided database name and user

    also don’t forget to enter your password

    10. Open new tab and go to your website. WordPress will show you the installation page and just follow the instructions

    Another option is just use FTP client like FileZilla to upload file.




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