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    App Development Tools for Developers

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    Mobile application development is one of the most progressive sectors of the IT industry. Not only does it generate the maximum amount of revenue, but also is one of the most creative jobs that software designers can take up. However, the competition in this sector is also very high, and thus developers need to use certain tools that will assist them in building mobile apps with proper features. Mobile applications must not only serve the purpose of the target audience, but they also need to look good, be uploaded at a major app store, and have high download rates. The tools listed below help software developers to achieve all of this:

    1. AppMakr - This browser-based tool has been designed in such a way that it assists in the easy and quick building of iOS mobile applications. By using this tool, the software designer can make use of social networking feeds and existing app content to design iOS applications over multiple categories. The initial version of AppMakr can be downloaded for free, but developers need to pay a monthly subscription rate for using the advanced features. Though it is a specialty for creating iOS apps, the tool can also be used for designing software for the Windows Mobile and Android OS platforms.

    2. MyAppBuilder - This tool is considered the best for the creation of Android and iOS mobile applications. The best part of MyAppBuilder is that developers do not need to have a very strong technical background for understanding and using its features. All the software designer needs to do is provide the app content in the form of pictures or videos to the tool, and it will separate the good content from the bad. Using MyAppBuilder, uploading the final version of a mobile application to the app store also becomes easier and cost effective.

    3. Sencha Touch 2 - Are you a software developer with adequate knowledge of programming languages like CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript? Are you into designing apps for operating systems such as Android, iOS, and BlackBerry? Then, Sencha Touch 2 is the best tool for you. This is an app development framework that can be used by software developers with both open source licenses and free for commercial licenses. All the developers need to do is install Sencha Touch 2 on a Windows, Linux, or Mac PC and use a web server to run the tool locally on the computer while designing apps.

    4. Widgetbox - This is the best tool for designing mobile applications that are essentially content based. Widgetbox is available online but has to be downloaded for a price. The reason most developers prefer to use this tool is because they are compatible with most browsers available in the modern mobile market. The interface of this framework can also be used by the nontechnical developer. Using the Widgetbox, a developer can create pages for mobile apps that will have RSS feeds available from social networking sites and online blogs. Moreover, designers need to have knowledge of only the common scripting languages of CSS and HML for adding customized content to mobile apps designed using the Widgetbox.

    The above are the chief four tools that software designers and modern mobile app development companies should use while creating applications for the major operating systems of Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile.



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