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    5 new tools every programmer must discover

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    Programming is one of the core areas in the IT industry and because of this it is also one of the most dynamic areas in IT. With new coding languages springing up every year and their supportive platforms not far behind. Therefore it is crucial that programs keep up to date with the latest versions of new tools for programmers. In a nutshell programming involves writing software language also known as code that can be translated by the computer to perform various tasks. The codes are written by programmers with the help of a software called an (IDE) Integrated Development Environment. Different programming languages will require different IDEs to be used for successful coding. Currently these are the most commonly used programming languages in order of their demand;

    · Java

    · PHP

    · Python

    · Ruby

    · HTML 5 & CSS 3

    The following list will mention some of the five must discover new tools for programmers. They are as follows;

    Github Website

    First on this list is the Github website, which is probably the world’s largest code host is every programmer’s first choice for consultation. This website hosts all kinds of code samples irrespective of the language used for programming. Github is an important tool for every programmer as it contains code samples that can be used for other projects, whether it is code inheritance in object oriented programming or it is a cascading style sheet for an html based web application.

    Eclipse SDK Tool

    This software also makes it to the list of new tools for programmers to use. Eclipse is an IDE tool that can be used for writing java based programs as well as android and python language programs. Eclipse is stable and reliable due to it consistent updates that ensure it is bug free and up to date with the modern trends. Great for java and android programmers.

    Twitter Bootstrap

    Also one of the must have new tools for programmers who code in the language of PHP or HTML 5. This drag and drop tool offers easy web design options for PHP and HTML developers who do not have time for designing every detail of their web applications. Best of all is that it is open source meaning it’s free.

    Appbot Website and app

    This website is tailored for application developers who like to keep up to date with current trends. It offers tips on what applications are on demand as well as user reviews that can help programmers improve their code.

    Ruby on Rails

    This is the latest on the list of new tools for programmers. Ruby on rails supports the Ruby language and is used by programmers to develop state of the art interactive websites.



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